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Pulse Nightclub tragedy happened and I reached out to these six friends and asked them to help start making charity blocks that would be turned in quilts for the families and first responders.  So I started Rainbows For Peace And Comfort and we grew to just over 1,000 stitchers from around the globe and connected via facebook.  Our amazing stitchers donated 1,333 blocks that would become 148 memorial quilt banners. 49 passed, 53 survived, 32 first responders, 14 for the permanent memorial which makes 148.   This took an amazing team of angels to make happen.  Most of these were assembled by me and one friend at my home, before this I had only made one quilt.  Now I'm making more quilts and learning skills plus donating them to others who are in need.  

How to donate:

Want to get involved? Precut fabric, unfinished projects, quilt blocks or a complete quilt are all very much appreciated. 

Send your quilt block to our mailing address!

P.O. Box 9718
Coral Springs, Fl 33075


Contact Info
  • Stitching Steward
  • (954)-240-0012
  • P.O. Box 9718
    Coral Springs, Fl 33075